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Hollandia solar provides several kinds of chest type solar freezers and refrigerators. For home use as well as professional use with the lid cover placed on top for easy access. Just like all our products thes freezers are easy to use, maintenance free, highly efficient and environment friendly.

The images shown are of the Hollandia Power 70L model.

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  • Fully hermetic 
  • Compressor with integrated 
  • Control electronics, low-voltage protection 
  • Means of electronics, electronic 
  • Fuse/automatic reverse pole protection, tube-on-sheet evaporator
  • Capacity: 20L, 45L, 70L, 188L, 238L & 318L
  • Voltage :- DC 12V or DC 24V
  • Average Power consumption :- 72W
  • Weight :- 42kg & 47kg
  • Temperature :- to -18°C adjustable