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LED Lighting Solutions

Change to LED! Did you know that LEDs consume less than one-third of the energy that older light techniques use. LED lights can be implemented together with solar systems, but can also be placed into current fittings so they run on AC and save large amounts on your electricity bill.

Indoor Spot Lights

Suitable for any light fixture, Q-LED spot lights offer

LED Down Lights

Uses alluminum body, good heat dissipation, built-in driver, compact

LED Tube Lights

Change to LED by changing your current tube lights

Panel Lights

Gives a subtle and uniform look to the ceiling. The

LED Ceiling Lights

Change to LED using our ceiling LED lights. These

Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

Our super bright, easy to install spot lights are

Pathway lighting

Pathway lights are an ideal way of indicating all

High mast light

Hollandia Solar provides LED high mast lights. High mast