• About Us

Hollandia Solar is a system designer and integrator of Solar systems. Originated more than a decade ago in The Netherlands, Hollandia Solar belongs to the Hollandia Group which designs and manufactures its products in-house by the name of Hollandia Power.

Hollandia Solar has offices all over the world.

Hollandia Solar has expertise in all types of Solar Solutions. From basic home lighting systems and stand-alone solar street lights to complicated Telecom solutions with online monitoring.

Our expertise is both Off-Grid as well as On-Grid.

We have been working closely with various well known and respected clients.

US Army, Afghan Telecom, Masdar City Abu Dhabi, Philips The Netherlands, Department of Presidential Affaires as well as NGO's are just some of our clients.

Currently we have our regional head office based within the UAE from which we cater the region as well as the African continent.

Because we design our product range in-house, we offer the full range of products together with the most competitive price.

Our products have all required certifications and have proven its quality and exhibit the latest technology specifications.

Adding to our strengths is our technical and a large warehouse facility in Dubai.

This enables us to provide better after-sales services, large stock availability all year round, fast maintenance support and early replacements, if required.

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