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These upright refrigerators and freezers run on solar and are ideal for camping, remote stores and homes. Hospitals often use our refrigerators for keeping vaccins, e.g.in rural areas and Africa. The system is complete, all parts are included.

Available in different sizes up to 358L.

The images are of Hollandia Power 50L solar refrigerators.

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  • Reliable, durable and simple to operate
  • Design, tested, certified
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • up to 358 liters volume
  • Ice Box and refrigerator
  • Outside temperature 20 to 50 Centigrade
  • Zero maintenance
  • Solar Panels :- 1 x 60W
  • SMF battery
  • Built in Charge controller
  • Wires & Connectors