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Polycristalline technology allows for good performance in warmer climates due to its lower heat derating coefficient. This together with its good efficiency makes it an excellent choice for larger projects. Generally speaking, marginally less costly than monocrystalline which adds to the attractiveness. Excellent life span and comes with 25yr warranty.

The full range of solar panels we use is approved by DEWA for rooftop and grid-connected installations.

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  • Unique IV sheets that show the exact panel's specifications
  • A minimum efficiency of the Wattage given,so no deviation of the allowed 3%
  • Large junction boxes with IP 65 certification which makes them dust and water proof
  • All junction boxes come with 2 diodes
  • Come with individual packing with matching serial numbers on the panel and on the IV sheet
  • 35mm is the minimum thickness of the frames
  • Cell Technology: Multi Crystalline
  • Superstrate: Glass tempered
  • Encapsulant: EVA
  • Frame Type: Silver Anodised alluminium
  • Cable and Termination: Weather proof multi contact connectors asymmetrical cable lenghts
  • Junction Box: Potted
  • Substrate: PET White.