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All our Deep Discharge batteries come in 12V and 6V. We also provide battery bank solutions of 2V. The batteries are sealed, maintenance free, rechargeable, lead acid batteries. These series have highly cyclic performance and up to 40% more life time than general models. Our batteries range from 4.5 AH to 300 AH (2V batteries are offered for 50AH to 5,000AH). These top of the range batteries can be used for UPS/Telecom System/ Cable Television/ Broadcasting and Emergency Power Systems, commercial and residential use.

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  • Fully certified
  • Unique European energy storage technology
  • Lead acid
  • Sealed, Leakage Maintenance Free 
  • Designed to be regularly deep discharged up to 80%
  • Suitable for use in all solar application, including in extreme temperature conditions
  • Durable and sustainable with extra long cycles
  • Terminals at the front for easy connection
  • One year warranty
  • Individually packed
  • Range :- 12V/7.2Ah - 12V/260Ah
  • OPZV Range:- 2V/200Ah - 2V/3000Ah
  • Operating Temperature Range :- -30°C ~ 60°C
  • Certification :- ISO9001:2000