Roof-top/Grid-tie Installations - Questionnaire

Following Dubai government and DEWA's first smart initiative to connect solar energy systems to residential and commercial properties, Hollandia Solar is your experienced and qualified partner in adding solar to your building.
The green initiative encourages residential households as well as commercial building owners to install PV panels on their properties and connect them to DEWA's grid. This way you will be using your own free electricity and feed the surplus into DEWA's grid network. Hollandia Solar is a DEWA approved Solar PV Contractor and enrolled in the DEWA list of Electrical & Solar PV Consultants & Contractors for the Shams Dubai initiative.
We can assist you in the entire solar grid-connection process; from the system design and application until the installation and free electricity generation!
Please complete the questionnaire below or call 800-SOLAR (800-76527).
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